Yukon Sun™

Experience the Magic
Yukon Sun

This compact, early and continuous blooming rose is reminiscent of warm sunlight set against beautiful dark green glossy foliage. Gardeners will love its one-metre by one-metre size, low-maintenance and disease tolerance features.

Yukon Sun™ is a shrub garden rose, growing up to 75 cm in height by close to a metre in width with a semi-upright growth habit. The vibrant yellow semi-double flowers (7.6 cm) bloom continuously throughout the entire growing season. Plants are highly resistant to black spot disease. They are cold hardy to -35°C when most of the top shoot dies but regrows well again in the spring.

As in all other rose varieties, Yukon Sun™ does not like waterlogged soil but requires watering during dry spells to have good blooms. It self-cleans, meaning the spent flowers shed petals, keeping the plants tidy with fresh growth and new flowers. Plants are resistant to blackspot disease and do not need to be covered during the winter. Prune this rose in the early spring or fall to give the bushes the desired shape.

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USDA Zone 3B to 8